Reasons Why Hello Kitty Products Are Incredibly Cute

Published: 21st February 2011
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Hello Kitty is a brand that Sanrio has created, and it has reached a wider audience than the initial target audience (kids). At first, it was a simple brand for introducing Sanrio products to younger customers. The age of the people who patronize Sanrio's Hello Kitty varies from very young to very old. It may be the cuteness of the brand and the products that make it so popular. Who would have thought that a caricature of a cat's face with ribbon attached can become so popular. The brand contributes to Japan's reputation of creating simple but cute things.

Hello Kitty has an awesome personality and disposition. She had her own animation, and so many people were enthralled by her personality as well as her fashion sense. Hello Kitty accessories have become a hit in the western world, especially in the USA.

The fashion depiction of Hello Kitty is kept as simple as possible. Because of the consistency in marketing and image, the brand became stronger. It was difficult for moms to resist buying products with the Hello Kitty logo. That the products created by Sanrio are of high quality may also have something to do with the success of the brand. Listed here are some of the more popular Hello Kitty products...

1. Sticker items - Stickers are my favorite Hello Kitty products. Girls of ages 8-12 collected the stickers. Women who like cute things used Hello Kitty stickers on their car.

2. Clothes and niknaks - Sanrio made several items like T-shirts, key chains and hoodies with the Hello Kitty logo. Sometimes, women prefer to get these in sets.

3. Food and Wine - In 2010, Hello Kitty logo was placed on four wines being sold online. The brand has been trying to target the older audiences for years, and this may just be the marketing move that will do it.

4. Games for consoles - Gaming is naturally one niche that is well suited for the Hello Kitty brand. Some of the titles include Hello Kitty: Big Dreams and Hello Kitty Online.

Originally, the Hello Kitty brand may have been derived from the Maniki Neko, or the good luck cat that one often sees in Japanese establishments. The cat is a bobcat and depicted as a friendly pet that brings in customers by waving at them.

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